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Temporary accommodation-luxurious/cheap/free

You’re all bound by different budgets when travelling or looking to experience the typical Kenyan Experience in different angles. You could be referred here under Dream Travel Therapy (Check: www.dreamtraveltherapy.com ) and are wondering where to begin. Consult us for more  in relation to how we help with a searches such as these at an unbelievably low cost.

Premise Purchases

We offer a platform where you can do your search in the comfort of your home because we take up the hard work and look for the premises that best suit your needs- the house, budget, location- and save you the hassle. You could take up the negotiations directly or let us….Its up to you.

Settle Easy

The Settle easy package deal involves guiding you through the process of finding the neighborhood that best suits you including housing, schools, day care centers, and connecting you with the services you need for your smooth stay. Custom requests are welcome for discussion upon contact with any of our agents.

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What else we provide?


Budget matters and we go out of our way to ensure you get that luxurious or cheap option  while ensuring your safety through our background checks on the individuals and companies involved. Our services are not restricted to guiding you on the best housing but also the best transport options there are in Kenya. There are numerous companies that offer cars for hire but no one knows their performance better than experts who interact with them on a daily basis.

Dream Travel Therapy

Most people do not realize it but most of the reasons they wish to travel is to fulfill a need within them that successful careers and parties cannot fix. That is why work with Psychologists and sociologists for the sake of you who travel to unwind, to give their word on the destinations that best suit your needs-with your consent of course-in addition to finding you the most suitable accommodation. The power of a change in scenery and culture is more powerful that you could ever imagine.  It is not the typical couch experience because you do not get to sit unless you’re tired.

Contact us for details on the same.

Visiting recommendation

Unlike most tour companies, we go beyond the cliche. Yes, we suggest the destinations that you would never have known about during your short stay. We simply do it for guidance because we understand travel is much more than the destination. It is the experience gained from such a destination. Check our blog for more insight.

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...or maybe see some Facts about us?

...or maybe see some Facts about us?

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Our Mission

We work to achieve efficiency through honest and timely pursuits of our commitments ensuring value for cost as we enjoy the ride through our projects.

Our Vision

Be known for our efficiency, commitment, growth, and work ethics amongst all the housing and transport consultants.

Our Values

*Have fun in all our undertakings. *Respect for all people. *Collaborative efforts for the achievement of our goals. *Honesty and transparency in our dealings. *Continuous innovation and growth. *Recognition of the importance of the development of rapport with our clients, taking their needs and requests into consideration, however diverse.

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James Stevens Developer@yahoo.com

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John Doe CEO@google.com

What to expect from us…

What to expect from us...

When you consult another party to do something that you are perfectly capable of doing, there must be a valid reason. This if for:

  • Those whose schedules are a bit too tight,
  • Those that need the extra efficiency that comes with professional consultations
  • those that need the consideration of every possible option for their needs.
We believe in timely delivery of results and information for efficiency.


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