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You might be in need of long-term or short-term settling and orientation services.  This depends on the reason why you are in Kenya (work, seminar, tour…). The different reasons come with different orientation needs to cater for those whose interests incline towards the Kenyan history, culture, food, or the natural environment… (the list is endless). We help you connect with others like you by giving you the option of grouping up with fellow members or getting information about such groups depending on your area of interest. We go far and beyond as to connect you with the relevant tour agencies, real estate agencies, tour guides… based on your budget and preferences. We also help you figure out which residential areas best suit your needs and give you adequate information tailored to suit your interests.

More often than not, you find yourself in a new city, a different country, and maybe one that’s found on a different continent. Depending on what takes you there and the urgency with which you leave your home country or town, you could be 100% unprepared which makes you settle for the first suggestions that come your way since you’re not sure about where to turn to with inquiries. It is for that reason that we come up with advisory services and if need be, hands-on work to help you settle. It all depends on what you ask of us.

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Do you want to…

Explore your housing options before settling in Kenya?

Understand business in Kenya?

Get deals matching your safari budget?

What to expect from us…

What to expect from us...

When you consult another party to do something that you are perfectly capable of doing (if you have enough time in your hands of course), there must be a valid reason.

  • Those whose schedules are a bit too tight,
  • Those that need the extra efficiency that comes with professional consultations
  • those that need the consideration of every possible option for their needs.
We believe in timely delivery of results and information for efficiency. A little more about Kenya


Group up to cut costs
Know more about residential options
Where to eat and drink the Kenyan way
Get connected with budget-specific tour/transport...

Our Mission

We work to achieve efficiency through honest and timely pursuits of our commitments ensuring value for cost as we enjoy the ride through our projects.

Our Vision

Be known for our efficiency, commitment, growth, and work ethics amongst all the housing and transport consultants.

Our Values

*Have fun in all our undertakings. *Respect for all people. *Collaborative efforts for the achievement of our goals. *Honesty and transparency in our dealings. *Continuous innovation and growth. *Recognition of the importance of the development of rapport with our clients, taking their needs and requests into consideration, however diverse.

And to give you a taste of a stress-free trip


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